Equalities Information

The purpose of this change programme to is transform health and care in the borough. However, we understand that the work we do has different impacts on different community groups.

While the general focus of Stockport Together is on older people and those with complex care needs, in making these changes we believe it is important to use this opportunity to reduce existing barriers to accessing our services and improve health outcomes for all community groups.

To this end, an equality impact assessment has been undertaken on the Stockport Together programme and each of its work streams to understand the needs of protected groups. Each EIA sets out an action plan, outlining what we intend to do to improve equality in each area.

Community engagement was undertaken during October and November 2017. Feedback will help to build these assessments of local needs and strengthen our action plans. Progress on delivering improvements to equality will be monitored by work streams and reported regularly to our Stockport Together Programme Board as part of our regular programme management.

Responses were independently reviewed and a report prepared and published to inform formal decisions to be made by the Governing Body of NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group and the Cabinet off Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council in January 2018.

The draft equality impact statement for Stockport Together, along with the action plan can be viewed here.