Jaweeda Idoo - explaining my role

As a GP in Woodley for over 17 years and former Clinical Director for Service Transformation for the CCG, Jaweeda Idoo is a familiar face within primary care and commissioning in Stockport.

Jaweeda Idoo

Jaweeda has held a number of leadership roles within commissioning and service transformation, leading on long terms conditions and prescribing for the CCG and as a clinical champion for Healthier Together across Greater Manchester.

Now, following a two year focus back in practice, Jaweeda has taken up a new leadership role in health and care in Stockport.

Jaweeda is Clinical Advisor for the FT’s Community Business Group and Clinical Director for Borough wide services for the MCP (Multispecialty Community Provider) which encompasses supporting staff in the community services across Stockport. However, an important aspect of her role involves working with hospital ward staff and her GP colleagues to develop better pathways between acute and community health and social care services for patients.

“There is a recognition by the SFT that having a GP within community services is valuable and it’s something they have never had before. Previously I was influencing provider organizations as a commissioner. Now I can make a difference working within the provider by advising from a primary care perspective and also from a community services perspective, so it’s a dual platform.”

Jaweeda has been working closely with Community Business Group colleagues including Sue Plummer, Head of Patient Flow within the hospital’s Discharge Team. They have been working with staff to develop a new ‘Transfer to Assess’ model where patients will be discharged once they have completed their acute hospital treatment and assessed by a social care or community health professional in their home.

Jaweeda said: “This will reduce the time patients need to stay unnecessarily in hospital and we know assessing people at home with their relatives and carers is more effective and better for them.

“I’ve been asking front line staff about the barriers that prevent them from discharging patients back to their own home when they no longer require any further hospital treatment. When they are delays it can result in people losing confidence, losing muscle mass, increase risk of depression and hospital acquired infection."

These changes are part of a programme of work to re-model and improve ‘Intermediate Tier’ services, which transfer and support patients between the hospital, community rehabilitation and long-term care facilities, and the home. This is also referred to as ‘step up and step down’ services.

The transformation work is part of the wider Stockport Together programme, a partnership between health and care organisations across Stockport, which has received £19m funding from the GM Transformation Fund over the next three years.

In her new role, Jaweeda would like to hear from primary care and commissioning colleagues with suggestions for system improvements, which she can raise with the Leadership Board for the new MCP (Multispecialty Community Provider).

“What we are trying to create is a system that is seamless so people don’t feel they’re being passed between different organizations and are telling their story many times. I hope the work we are doing will result in a more responsive and person centred service for patient and carers.”

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