Newsletter - March 2016 - Greater Manchester Devolution

As part of the Greater Manchester-wide focus on health and social care transformation, all ten areas across the region have submitted proposed plans outlining what will be done to change services in their borough.

Stockport Together is our borough’s plan for redefining the way in which people in Stockport receive health and social care.

To help shape the plans for the region, residents are being asked to share their struggles and successes when it comes to making healthy lifestyle choices. The ‘Taking Charge Together’ campaign, which launched in February, is being done as Greater Manchester prepares to take responsibility for a £6 billion health and social care budget.

People are being encouraged to join in the conversation about everything from exercise to mental health by going to and filling in a quick survey. The feedback from this will be used to help health and social care leaders from across the borough to tackle some of the worst health outcomes in the country.

The new set up will involve the transfer of certain powers and responsibilities from national government to the 37 NHS organisations and councils across the region so they can better meet the needs of the people who live and work in Greater Manchester.

By working collaboratively across both Stockport and Greater Manchester, Stockport Together is seeking to identify changes that will transform the way health and social care services are provided to our residents.

What does GM Devo mean for me?

The ten boroughs across Greater Manchester already work together in lots of areas. In return for getting control of the £6 billion spend for the NHS and social care, all NHS organisations and councils across the region have had to develop and agree on a five-year plan for Greater Manchester, setting out how they might help people here be healthier and secure the long-term future of our public services.

Start well, live well, age well – prevent more ill health

Ill health can be caused by many things such as unemployment, debt, loneliness, air pollution, smoking and what you eat and drink.

Together with you, your families and your community, we want to create better health and care services that fit your needs. We also want you to be able to make better health and wellbeing choices.

Local community services working better together

We want to help GPs, hospital doctors, nurses and other health professionals come together with social care teams and voluntary groups to develop Local Care Organisations, with hospitals only needed for specialist care.

Hospitals working more closely together

Doctors, nurses and other health and social care professionals have skills and experience that should be shared more widely across Greater Manchester so that everyone can benefit equally from the same high standards of care. As more routine care is provided in the community – closer to home – the more hospitals can concentrate on providing specialist and critical care and getting people treated and cared for in the right places.

Sharing buildings, roles, ideas and ways of working

There are lots of ways we could share things across the public sector. This could mean sharing buildings or using the same type of technology to enable different organisations and professionals to interact more easily.

It could be creating jobs which work across health and social care and looking at the best ideas that work and using them in other parts of Greater Manchester.

So what’s next?

There are very few detailed changes proposed at the moment – a summary of the plan is at and more details will be developed over the next few months.

If there are future substantial changes which affect how services are provided, there will be formal consultations with staff and the public.

To help shape these plans, a lot of activity is planned for the coming year to ask for your input. To join the conversation, please fill in a quick health snapshot by 31st March 2016 where you’ll also be entered for the chance to win a set of family bikes.

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