Newsletter - March 2016 - introduction

Welcome to the latest edition of the Stockport Together newsletter! In this edition we’re bringing you an update on the design process, a case study of some great new ways of working in Cheadle, information about a newly launched service designed to help GPs access real-time advice from consultants and some details about Greater Manchester Devolution (GM Devo).

Stockport Together: a reminder

As you will now know, in 2015 Stockport was chosen as one of 50 areas nationally to try out a new way of providing health and social care services and was named a ‘Vanguard’ site. Simply put, this means we’re working on joining up the different parts of health and care services so that they work seamlessly together.

The local hospital, GPs, community, social and mental health services are coming together to form one new organisation to provide health and social care. This care can be provided in different ways and in Stockport we’re looking at how more health and care services can be provided closer to people’s homes.

The Clinical Commissioning Group is working with Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council,

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (hospital and community-based services), Pennine Care and Viaduct Health to redesign the way health and care services are provided to the people in our borough.

Under the partnership name of ‘Stockport Together’, we’re working alongside other local services like pharmacists, opticians, voluntary organisations and others to revolutionise the way people receive health and care.

As more care is provided in our local neighbourhoods and more people are able to use the services closer to home, people should start to see improvements to the way our public services are delivered in Stockport.

Nursing Homes

One example of the work we’ve done to date is with nursing and care homes across the borough. All care homes and their residents have been matched to specific GP practices, and weekly GP-led ‘ward rounds’ now take place in each home. Advanced nurse practitioners have been employed to work with care home staff to provide more dedicated personal care.

This group will be helped by other professionals including dieticians, geriatricians and pharmacists. Mental health liaison workers will also be in place across Stockport by April to help the homes provide better care for people with dementia and other mental health needs.


Another area where we’ve been making progress is the work being done to look at hospital outpatient appointments. Through this work, we’ve found that nearly half of the outpatient appointments could have been held closer to home with a GP or specialist nurse – and some may not have been needed at all. And in addition, there have been some early successes coming out of the work completed by the newly formed ‘integrated neighbourhood service’ in Cheadle.

Funding the Changes

The £3.98 million NHS England ‘Vanguard’ funding we have received so far in Stockport has allowed us to run our current services at the same time as looking at initiatives such as those noted above and testing out new ones.

At the start of the year, we were invited to access further money at the start of the year, and in order to secure the funding, the team had to produce a ‘Value Proposition’, which has been submitted to NHS England.

The ‘Value Proposition’ sets out what investment is required by Stockport Together in order to put the plans into action. This includes costs that would otherwise be difficult for the partners to cover, for example, the double running of services, the recruitment of additional staff or the procurement of IT systems.

Of course, the changes being discussed in Stockport are taking place at a time when health and social care – along with many other aspects – is being looked at a Greater Manchester-wide level under Greater Manchester Devolution (GM Devo).

As a result of this, GM Devo will work with NHS England to consider what money will be made available to Stockport Together. The decision will take into consideration the plans being proposed by all ten areas across the region.

The decision is expected at any time after the end of March – more information will follow once we have a clearer idea of the funding we will have.

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