Newsletter - March 2016 - News from other Vanguards

In these newsletters we will aim to give an update on the progress of other Vanguard sites. In this edition, we provide some information about how Sunderland’s Vanguard programme is going.

Focus on: Sunderland

Outline: All Together Better in Sunderland has been established for people in the area who live with long-term health problems or disabilities, but who need a little extra, short-term care to prevent them going into hospital if they don’t need to be there or support them after they’ve been discharged from hospital.

The programme is made up of three distinct parts: Community Integrated Teams, Recovery at Home and Enhanced Primary Care.

Update: The Sunderland team have introduced ‘Community Integrated Teams’ (CIT). These are five multi-disciplinary teams, which are in place to provide an effective, high quality and coordinated response to the most vulnerable people with the most complex needs, keeping them out of hospital.

Enhanced Primary Care is targeted towards people who have one or more long term health condition, and who depend on support, but who are not counted among the frailest in the city. All Together Better aims to explore how this group of people can be better supported, delivering care to them in a more sustainable way.

Thirdly, Recovery at Home is designed to greatly improve the care offered to people who need it most. Recovery at Home operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ready to respond quickly to provide support during times of illness or if someone experiences an unexpected change in their condition that could develop into a crisis.

More can be found out about Sunderland by going to the All Together Better website:

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