Newsletter - March 2016 - Working Together in Cheadle

As part of Stockport Together’s plan to get health and social care teams to work more closely together, eight integrated neighbourhood services are being set up across the borough.

An integrated neighbourhood service is simply a number of health and social care professionals working better together to plan and co-ordinate care for the people who need it most.

Cheadle was the first area to operate an integrated neighbourhood service, hosting multi-disciplinary team meetings with GPs, social workers, district nurses, mental health professionals, and wider community support teams. This group now come together to discuss the needs of people who’ve been identified as needing care that involves more than one organisation.

People who will benefit from this are likely to have one or more complex health or social care need, and may currently be visited by a number of care professionals who are all working to deliver the support required.

A care co-ordinator will be assigned, who will create a ‘single care plan’ to make sure that everything is provided in the easiest way possible. This ‘single care plan’ will mean that all health and social care professionals dealing with the person will know what care is needed and how to work together to deliver it.

The remaining neighbourhoods in Stockport are now beginning to work this way, and over the coming months will plan how the teams will work together to provide their local residents with the health and social care they need.

Since starting to operate in this way in October 2015, the team in Cheadle has seen an improvement in the way in which the different health and social care professionals are able to work together to provide the highest quality, joined up care for people in their area.

Occupational Therapist: “Having the teams working together in this way has resulted in a better experience for the public and our team members.

“For example, I picked up a case following a referral into the rapid response service recently, and prior to going out to visit the client, we were able to identify that they would also benefit from having a social worker, so we were able to go to the visit together and assess that person’s needs.

“This joint assessment resulted in one visit for the client, meaning they only had to explain their situation once rather than having to repeat their circumstances on a second visit from another specialist.”

Social Worker: “Since the social care officer has been based in the same place as the wider team, it’s been easier to have conversations about clients and has therefore improved the service we can offer.”

District Nurse: “As a result of attending the joint weekly meetings, the district nursing team has been able to have discussions with the occupational therapist regarding equipment & adaptation support, which means we can provide a much quicker service for people when they need it.”

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