Newsletter - May 2016 - Consultant GP event

In conjunction with the Royal College of GPs (RCGP) we will be holding a joint GP and consultant event on 15th June. This will provide an update on the new ways of working at the same time providing opportunity for ‘live’ problem solving and networking. This follows a successful event held in March which brought together Stockport’s GPs and consultants from Stepping Hill Hospital, to help build relationships amongst the two professions.

The event was in answer to feedback from GPs who mentioned that there has been a disconnect between the two groups, with GPs not knowing who to speak with at the hospital.

Hosted at the hospital by Dr Cath Briggs, GPs and consultants were given a series of short presentations covering the Stockport Together plans, an introduction to Viaduct Health (Stockport’s GP federation), Consultant Connect, and a brief explanation of the new commissioning arrangements.

The event also provided the opportunity for consultant and GP colleagues to network whilst learning about, discussing and providing their views and input on the new models of care as set out under Stockport Together.

Dr Cath Briggs explains: “The feedback we got following the event in March was so positive; we were really keen to host a second session to keep the conversation going amongst GP and consultant colleagues.

“Having the RCGP onboard, and working with them to set the agenda means that we are able to ensure that the sessions continue to be useful for colleagues. We will provide an update on Stockport Together and have a working session to get the two professions working together to problem-solve; but the key to the success of these is to ensure we give the GPs and consultants time to network and to get to know each other.

“These strengthening relationships will ultimately help to deliver better, more joined up services between primary and secondary care – and that’s what we’re striving for.”

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