Stockport Together: Consensus Event

Consensus Event hosted on Tuesday (24th November 2015) at Stockport County brought together all staff working on the Stockport Together programmes and enablers to discuss activity and plans, and to obtain consensus on the new models of care.

Senior leaders from across each of the partner organisations were joined by approximately 100 staff from all levels to hear about the progress made by each of the programmes and enablers. Representatives from each area presented the most developed plans so far, and were able to articulate the plans being proposed within the business case for the coming years.

Attendees were separated into small groups and asked to identify where there are any gaps in the current thinking. The groups also discussed any areas of the models which aren’t meeting the needs of the personas that have been developed to represent ‘typical’ Stockport people.

Throughout the group work, there was lots of discussion about the how the new care model will allow health and social care teams to identify people before they get ill and what could be done to prevent them developing illnesses in the first place.

When considering the personas, focus was given to the creation of care plans, and how under the new care model, the frontline teams could have identified changes that would have addressed any conditions in a persons’ history to eliminate the risk of future problems.

In his summary of the day Tim Ryley, Programme Director for Stockport Together, commented on the huge amount of work that had happened behind the scenes to pull all the plans together for the event. It was acknowledged that this was not without its challenges and difficulties. The next six weeks will be a period of intense work and the contributing ideas from the day will really help this process.

Thank you to all that took part.

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