Stockport Together response to Stockport NHS Foundation Trust Financial Improvement Programme

Stockport Together is a partnership between Stockport NHS Foundation Trust (Stepping Hill Hospital and community health services), Stockport Council, Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group, Viaduct Health (a federation representing Stockport GPs) and Pennine Care (mental health services).

We are all committed to working to address the challenges across the whole health and social care system. Our aim is to ensure that all Stockport citizens have access to the very best health and social care services.

We are all working together to transform services through integrated health and social care. The plans are in line with bringing care closer to home and increasing capacity in our communities. Also, the plans do not in any way reduce Stockport NHS Foundations Trusts capability to be a specialist site as agreed through the Healthier Together programme.

Last week we announced that Stockport is the first of two areas in Greater Manchester to benefit from a funding from the GM Health and Social Care Partnership to help the region achieve the fastest and greatest improvement to the health and wellbeing of the region through the process of devolution. The funding received in Stockport is to address the long term financial challenges that are faced however in advance of this there is a need for some shorter term solutions.

Currently the health care system in Stockport is too focussed on hospital care and many of our patients stay in hospital for too long as a result. We have resolved to address this challenge across the health and social care partners, and to take coordinated action to address the particular challenges together.

As a result of us working better together in this way, people will receive the coordinated support they need and help them live independently for longer.

But the reality is that our current system of Health and Social Care is under great financial pressure, as are many other local health and care economies.The Hospital Trust has to take action to address these urgent challenges and protect their ability to deliver high quality services.

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