Stockport Together Selected To Work with NHS England On 'Elective Care Rapid Testing Programme'

Following a presentation given to NHS England earlier in the year, Stockport Together has been chosen to take part in a national programme of work called NHS England Elective Care Rapid Testing programme.

There are a number of reasons why Stockport Together was selected by NHS England, but mainly because of the commitment, passion and enthusiasm that was conveyed in the presentation. Laura Wilkes from NHS England commented: “We’re very excited to be working with Stockport Together on this programme."

One of the key priorities for NHS England, as set out in the Business Plan 2015/16, is to deliver ‘timely access to high quality elective care’. And to help achieve this, an elective care work programme was launched in 2015 which focuses on the start of the elective care pathway and how demand for the service enters the system. It takes a particular focus on the entry points and the transition that patients make between care settings in the elective care pathway.

NHS England will now work with Stockport Together, along with other sites across the country to co-design, test and implement a programme of transformation in elective care, using 'rapid cycles of change methodologies'. The programme will run for a period of around five months, starting in March 2016.

NHS England has selected Stockport Together as one of the organisations they want to work with as part of this national programme (as part of the vanguard work) in the following three areas:

  • Referral Models – which will focus on access to specialist advice and 'whole system peer review'
  • Out Patient Appointments – concerned with delivering a smoother and seamless movement of patients through the outpatient system and patient activation
  • Shared Decision Making – considering what a group consultation would look like, virtual methods supporting shared decision making and links to - and support from - the voluntary sector
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