Stockport Together welcomes Paul Plsek

Paul Plsek, a global leader in complex innovation and improvement in complex organisations, joined the Stockport Together team yesterday (Thursday 18th February) to share how the latest thinking can help transform health and social care for our borough.

A former director of corporate quality planning at US telecommunications giant AT&T, Paul has been sharing his expertise in large scale complex change with health and social services organisations in England and Scotland for the last 15 years.

He now spends about 30% of his time in the UK working with colleagues in health and social care at all levels, from national strategy and leadership development to front-line improvement programmes.

Yesterday’s workshop provided an opportunity for leaders of the Stockport Together team to examine the latest thinking and evidence associated with large scale complex change. Paul encouraged the team to understand and explore the factors that influence the development of a culture that drives innovation and to explore the challenges and approaches to leading large scale complex change across organisations.

Tim Ryley, said: “We were delighted to welcome Paul to Stockport – he provided some real food for thought about how we can approach the huge task of transforming the future of health and social care for our borough.

“His workshop both helped the team to understand the complexity of what we’re trying to do in Stockport – as well as providing some tangible advice about what we can do to tackle some of the challenges we’re bound to face.”

As Chair of Innovation at the acclaimed Virginia Mason Medical Centre in the US, Paul has published books about complexity and accelerating change within organisations, and has authored a number of British Medical Journal Articles.

For further information about Paul’s work, see his NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement biography, visit his website, or follow him on Twitter @paulplsek.

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