You can still have your say

During the last six weeks, the Stockport Together partners have been running a number of public listening events throughout the borough.

The purpose of these sessions was to inform the public of proposed plans to change the way health and social care services are delivered in Stockport. To do this, senior leaders of the main health and social care organisations in Stockport have been meeting with local people to obtain views and opinions and answer any questions about the plans.

We would like to thank those of you who have attended any of the meetings so far, and have given feedback either verbally or by completing any of the 7 scenario questionnaires.

For those of you who would like to give feedback via email, please see links to each of the scenario questionnaires below:

Scenario 1: Repeat prescriptions:

You have a number of conditions which require you to take five different tablets every day. You have a repeat prescription set up through your pharmacy, but have difficulty each time making the repeat orders match up so that they’re always ordered at the same time. This can mean you end up short of some medicines and have too many of others. You often end up having to make multiple calls and visits to the GP surgery or the pharmacy to make sure you don’t go without.

Scenario 2: Extra care when needed and a faster recovery after hospital:

You have just had an operation and will require some amendments and modifications to your home to aid your recovery. You will also need some support to help you with your day-to-day activities for a short period of time (such as getting up in the morning, cooking meals and getting ready for bed). In addition to this, you will need some physiotherapy and other support as you continue to get better after your operation.

Scenario 3: Outpatients: sometimes patients go to hospital for tests, check-ups, or treatment that don’t need an overnight stay.

You have been told that you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and have received a care plan from your specialist consultant at the hospital. Now that your treatment is underway you have been told that you need to have annual check-ups. These appointments will be made in advance.

Scenario 4: Falls prevention service (Steady in Stockport)

You recently had a fall which resulted in a fracture. You had to have a short stay in hospital where you received treatment but have since been discharged back home. Now you’re feeling a bit wobbly on your feet and your confidence has taken a hit. You’ve been told that the risk of you having another fall is much higher, which is making you nervous. A new service has been flagged to you: the falls and fracture prevention service, ‘Steady in Stockport’

Scenario 5: Alternatives to a GP appointment:

You are generally fit and well and only tend to make appointments with your GP when you absolutely have to – whether that’s for your children, your parents or for yourself. You can struggle to get an appointment time that suits your busy life, and in some instances the appointment slot you’re offered ends up being too late to treat the problem you were calling about.

Scenario 6: Pneumonia care:

You have a harsh cough, a high temperature and are producing thick and yellow phlegm. You go to your GP who diagnoses a chest infection and gives you a course of antibiotics. After a few days your symptoms become a lot worse and your daughter takes your straight down to the Accident and Emergency department at the hospital. The hospital give you a test for pneumonia which is positive.

Scenario 7: Mental health:

You have an ongoing mental health need. You would normally go and see your GP if you wanted to discuss it with them. Your GP knows your medical and family history, but sometimes getting an appointment with them can be difficult – as a result of this, you have ended up needing emergency mental health support in the past. This has been provided at the hospital.

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